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Day: September 10, 2014

Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Really Matter?

What is the Trinity, and why does it matter? In this Seven Minute Seminary, Matt O’Reilly explains that within the one God there is both unity and diversity. The Father is not the Son nor the Spirit, the Son is not the Father nor the Spirit, and the Spirit is not the Father nor the Son. He also shares 2 ways that the doctrine of the Trinity makes a difference in our daily living.

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Cole Bodkin ~ The Parable-Life

Jesus often did things that drew – or repelled – people towards or away from himself. Once he grabbed their attention, Jesus would frequently respond with parables. That Jesus spoke in parables is highly significant. Jesus didn’t speak theological jargon; one of his primary forms of communication was…parables. He acted in highly symbolic fashion, eliciting questions, to which he told strange, cryptic stories about how God’s dominion was making its impact on earth.

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