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Day: November 10, 2014

4 Ways To Develop Leaders That Stick Around

What creates longevity in volunteer youth leaders? Why do they stay at it when the average youth pastor only lasts a few years statistically? When looking at successful teams of long time volunteers, a few reasons rise to the top.

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Why the Holy Spirit's Power is Needed for Church Renewal

All the strategy, plans, and programs can never truly achieve church renewal or revive us as believers. Instead of relying on endowments, cultural Christianity, or the cultural significance of the mainline church itself, David Watson here points the Church back to the true source of power for renewal—the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Pastoral Care and Contagion

“Despite my excellent undergraduate education preparing me for Christian ministry, despite my thoroughly-enjoyed seminary training, I don’t remember any discussions on how to provide pastoral care during a plague. Of all people, though, Christians must be conversant in the language of mortality, fluent in the evils of death and the beauty of resurrection, articulate in tragedy and triumph. What else is the rhythm of the church year for, but to practice us in the art of living the pattern of Kingdom life, of Christ-life, of birth, death, and resurrection? We must talk of these things if we have any hope of acting on them, putting hands to ideas. We must all find our inner Mother Teresa and touch the dying – even if you choose to wear three layers of gloves.”

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