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Day: December 18, 2014

On Trusting and Fruiting

The goal of discipleship is christlikeness. Christlike behavior is the external fruit that is the result of an ongoing internal transformation, and this internal transformation is the result of the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work in the life of a believer who, by grace, is seeking Jesus and his kingdom (Matt 6:33). This greatly impacts how we minister to teens!

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What has business got to do with faith? (Part 1)

One would think that introducing Lydia, as a woman who deals in “purple cloth” would have been the normal way to introduce her than by her religious faith. For the author, the key identifier for her is her gender, place of origin and the faith she professes. Her faith influenced how she lived her life including how she conducted her business.

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Threshing Floor Podcast 030: ADVENT 2014

In episode 30 of the Threshing Floor Podcast, Josh and Drew discuss some of their family Christmas traditions, including boxing matches and brass band caroling. They also answer some questions from Twitter about The Lord of the Rings and the new Exodus movie.

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