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Day: January 5, 2015

Yesterday’s Miracle Is Today’s Job Description

New. Better. Best. Those three words are consistently deployed to describe student ministry events. You’ll hear things like: We are launching a brand NEW sermon series next week. This year’s retreat will be even BETTER than last year’s retreat. This is going to be the BEST year in the history of our student ministry. Those three words are powerful. They are also exhausting.

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Can Power be Redeemed? Book Review of Playing God by Andy Crouch

Becoming faithful stewards of power is God’s design for human flourishing, or so claims Andy Crouch in his latest book, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power. In today’s article, read Guy William’s summary and review of this important work which thoughtfully engages a critical issue for the church today.

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How the West Won

Scripture continually invites us to reason together, to know God and love one another. The prayers of God’s people are focused on loving God and one another and teaching the same values to each generation. Our quest is to seek God with all that we are and to grow deep in our understanding of God’s purposes.

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Five Signs of Hope in the New Year

I see five promising signs of hope as the world enters 2015. Also a few maybes. Any optimism must be tempered by the now-present reality of climate destabilization. Already climate change is extinguishing vulnerable species,

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