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Day: February 12, 2015

5 Steps for Successful Fundraisers

Fundraisers are often seen as one of a few necessary evils in youth ministry, a conflict of interests, if you will. The conflict is simply this: funds are necessary to do the ministry we are called to do, but the raising of these funds feels uncomfortable at best, oppressive at worst. However you may quickly discover that people want to give.

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Why Plant Churches?

One of the first questions I am asked when people hear about my appointment to plant a church is “…isn’t there already a Methodist church in Sterlington?“ Yep. There is. “Then why start a new one?”

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Maxie Dunnam ~ On Guidance

Christ indwells us Christians; the Holy Spirit is his abiding presence in our lives. To the degree that we cultivate an awareness of and are responsive to his Spirit, Christ will guide us.

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