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Day: March 3, 2015

Vision – A Non-negotiable

As best I can tell, nowhere in scripture are we told to plant churches. We are, however, clearly commissioned to make disciples. Church planting is the outflow of effective disciple making given the corporate nature of discipleship.

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Wandering: A Reflection on the Appointment Season

With appointment season upon us in the United Methodist tradition, this is an exciting, scary, and trusting time in the life of our denomination. Molly Just, the current Director of Discipleship at Southwestern College, shares her reflections as she prepares to be commissioned as a provisional elder in the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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What Happens in Vegas

The love of money devolves into Gollum-like aberration. Faithful stewardship of God’s assets entrusted to us seeds redemptive commerce and beautiful mission. When money is used well, societies are transformed, not just individuals. Narcissistic impulses morph into behaviors that point to the hope of God’s Kingdom.

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