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Day: March 16, 2015

3 Things the Woman Caught in Adultery Can Teach Counselors

My time here has involved instructing pastors and lay people interested in counseling on a variety of topics, everything from secular counseling theories to mood disorders to the connection between counseling and healing. As part of my teaching times, I open with a short devotional focused on a particular passage from the Bible.

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Our Perennial Struggle to Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Do you feel like every day is a full-on sprint from the moment your feet hit the floor to the moment your head returns to rest on your pillow at the end of the night? In today’s post by Guy Chmieleski, read about how hurriedness distracts us from the life God wants us to experience.

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Michael Smith ~ Sister Winter

For some reason God seems to do the best character development work when we are in the wilderness. Throughout the biblical text we see people out in the wilderness or in the “wintertime” of their spiritual lives. It is often here that God decides to do something new. “Now my heart is returned to sister winter,” as singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens describes it.

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