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Day: March 25, 2015

Gossip, Shame, and Humiliation: There’s an App for that too?

Only in this era is that a possibility to be able to blast out your thoughts on a person or post an embarrassing photo of someone else for all your “friends” that you do and don’t know from school to see. The best part is you won’t get in trouble for it because nobody knows you actually posted it. Here are a few responses we should have to this kind of gossip.

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Ken Loyer ~ Celebrating Christ's Presence with Us

It has been said that the dinner table—that place where we eat, talk, and share life together with others—is an extension of the Eucharist. For you and your family, what has been the significance of feasting at family gatherings? How does the act of eating together promote fellowship and community? How is that also true for us all in the Lord’s Supper?

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

The History of Contemporary Worship Music

What is the history of contemporary worship music and how did it become such a powerful force in modern expressions of Christianity? In today’s video, Dr. Lester Ruth explains key elements and helps us understand this fascinating cultural and church phenomenon.

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