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Day: June 24, 2015

The Struggle is Real: 5 Things I’ve Learned Through Trials

The struggle is real! We all go through trials. Some seem to have more than others sometimes, but we all have the opportunity to choose whether we will be formed or deformed by our most difficult experiences in life. Our friend, Andrew Eberhart, shares some of the most harrowing trials he has experienced and five key things he has learned through it all.

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Jeff Rudy ~ The Difficulty of Simplicity

And so we come to see that living in simplicity goes hand in hand with a life in pursuit of holiness, or sanctifying grace. For if you do a word search of “simplicity” through Wesley’s works, you will quite often find that he speaks of it in relation to Mary’s action of sitting by Jesus feet, drawing deeply from the well of the “one thing” known as intimate discipleship rather than Martha’s actions of being concerned about “many things.”

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

The Problem of Bible Proof-texting

It is said that you can make the Bible say almost anything you want it to say. In this series of Seven Minute Seminary videos, Dr. Craig Keener walks us through a number of biblical passages that are often ripped out of context and forced to say something the Bible never intended to say. He then illuminates their meaning by simply paying careful attention to the context.

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