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Day: July 22, 2015

Withdrawing and Getting Away

I was discipled formally through Navigators 2:7 discipleship material. One of the prayer disciplines the material helped develop was a pattern of spending a half day or whole day in prayer.

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Jean Watson ~ The Power of Thanksgiving

Though I didn’t understand at the time, out of reluctant obedience, I began to thank God instead of complaining. Each day, I determined to find something to be thankful for rather than complaining. I even started to thank God for the things I didn’t like in my life like the snow and cold! As I chose to give thanks regardless of my feelings, a miracle happened inside my heart. I discovered that the place I had resented was becoming a place where my desires were fulfilled. The land where I did not want to be was becoming the land of my blessing.

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

Are the New Testament Manuscripts Reliable?

Are the New Testament manuscripts reliable, or are they full of so many errors and discrepancies that they should not be trusted for the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, renowned Greek scholar Dr. Bill Mounce discusses the nature of biblical manuscripts, what errors we know do exist, and what bearing this has on the reliability of the Bible.

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In Praise of Older Women

With age comes wisdom, and older women have so much to offer the world. Marilyn Elliott talks about how their voices are so needed in the world and that their stories are not only a blessing to others, but the telling can also become healing in their own lives.

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