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Day: August 31, 2015

Every Christian is a Mystic

In this time of intellectualism, mysticism has gained a bad reputation. But, what is it really? Donald Richmond shares how Christian mysticism is integral to the very life-breath of our faith.

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Dear Senior Pastor of Any Church

It’s not to say that the Senior Pastor is the end-all-be-all in every church, but you are the appointed shepherd and your congregation is likely to value what you value. Your role is a high calling and I’m sure you are thankful for those specialized pastors who serve alongside you.

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Michael Smith ~ Remembering Katrina

It was dark as I gathered around a battery-operated radio with a mother and her two children. We were silent as we strained to listen to the reports. We heard the word “levy,” but I didn’t fully understand what that meant at the time. Sections of the city were being listed, and I didn’t understand what that meant either until she gasped. She said, “That’s me. My house is gone.” She held her children, the only things she had left.

It was like this for days.

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How Can I Get Help if I Don’t Know It Was Abuse?

How can you get help for a problem you are not aware of? Today’s post focuses on sexual abuse victims who don’t realize that what happened to them actually was abuse. There is a great need to acknowledge various forms of sexual abuse and how they affect the souls of the ones who were abused.

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Ken Loyer ~ Infant Baptism and Beyond: A Systematic Approach, Part II

Every year until the child participates in confirmation, in the days leading up to the child’s baptismal anniversary I send a letter marking the occasion. I also include an age-appropriate gift, like a children’s book. I have found that this is a good way to keep before the family and the child the meaning of baptism and to remind the parents of the promise they made to God during the baptism to do all they can to raise their child in the faith.

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