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Day: November 4, 2015

Don’t Do It Alone: Tips on Connecting

Any ministry can be very isolating, and at times, like you’re on a deserted island. If you’ve been in youth ministry for five weeks or five years, there will be seasons when you feel you are all alone. Eddie Erwin shares wisdom on connecting.

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Give Thanks with a Joyful Heart: A Sermon for Thanksgiving

One thing I’ve learned about farming is that different crops have different rates of growth. Some take longer and bear fruit later than others. But no matter how long it takes, our God is in the business of bringing in the sheaves–through the healing, restoring work of Jesus Christ.

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The College Football of the Church

What if we allowed the attractional part of the church to be the empowering force behind the missional part of the church? What if attractional and missional were symbiotic instead of competitive? Dana Hicks shares wisdom about the usefulness of weekend services.

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Psalms: Understanding the Book’s Structure

Are the Psalms a random collection of texts, or is there some meaning to how we find them in the Bible? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Brian Russell explains the structure of the Psalms so that they can be more effectively read and used in worship.

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