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Day: November 17, 2015

How to Talk to Students About Paris

After the tragic terrorist attack in Paris, people’s emotions are all over the map. How can you talk with your students about what happened and how they feel? Rebekah Bled offers sage advice.

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Plato’s Insights on Beauty/Goodness as a Key to Employee Loyalty

If Plato was correct that beauty and goodness are indispensable ideals—and Christians can readily adopt this point into their understanding that we are created in God’s good and beautiful image—then this has big implications as to how humans flourish and find life satisfaction. And this includes their jobs in the workplace.

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Why We Must Prepare to Prepare for Advent

Our calendars reveal to us a reality so much more valuable than money that we actually consider it priceless: our time. So how will you prepare this year for advent? Read more from J. D. as he exhorts us to observe the coming of our Lord with fasting, prayer, and consecration.

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