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Day: December 31, 2015

Finding Your Own Preaching Voice

So often, we are tempted to imitate those we admire. But, it can be important in any endeavor to find your own voice and your own way of doing things. How can we find our own preaching voice? Jeremy Smith has helpful advice on how to be authentically yourself in the pulpit.

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Be Your Glorious Self

Why should I be concerned about being true to myself? Sometimes it is better to listen to your own heart than to try and please people. Jon Myles explains why being yourself brings glory to God, and why that should matter in ministry.

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The Soul of Shame (A Review)

Honor and shame are often thought to be relics of cultures past. But shame especially has a strong grip on today’s culture, even in the West. In today’s piece, Randy Hardman reviews The Soul of Shame by Curt Thompson.

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