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Day: February 1, 2016

Unseen Ripples

I believe that each of us is a crucial part of the way God works to make God’s dream for creation a reality. God works by touching people, transforming people, nurturing people, caring for people, comforting people, strengthening people, guiding people, liberating people, and God does all of it through people.

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Leadership Qualities that Can’t Be Faked

There are very few leadership qualities that can’t be faked. You and I both know that real leadership costs something – and that every newly elected President of the United States who has worked hard to prove him or herself a worthy leader finds out quickly just what it costs to be one of the leaders of the free world.

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Let’s Talk About Sex (Episode 57)

Let’s be honest…no one looks forward to talking to teenagers about sex! Find out from the collective some ways to make having “the talk” a whole lot easier. Click here to subscribe via iTunes.

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A Fresh Expression of Church

Whether the church is growing or shrinking, there will always be some who are hurt, angered, or disappointed by it. But could there be fresh expressions, or non-traditional ways of imagining it, that could help restore people to God? Read more from Travis Collins today as he explains a new hope for local communities.

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