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Day: February 22, 2016

If Life Is a Puzzle Why Don’t I Have All the Pieces?

Life can feel like that sometimes – like a giant puzzle with all the pieces in a chaotic jumble, where the task of sorting them is overwhelming, and there’s a nagging thought that you might not have all the pieces. I believe all of us face times like that; it’s the nature of being human.

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(Episode 60)

Listen as Aaron Buttery and Eddie Erwin answer questions during New Room Houston. This week, hear their take on Confirmation! Click here to subscribe via iTunes.

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A Basic Vision for Local Discipleship

The American culture is marked by its individualistic ideals. However, the body of Christ does not function effectively on an individualistic basis. Andy Hogue explains our intense need for discipleship within the body of Christ and shares four things we should include in our discipleship efforts.

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Five Truths about Caring for Yourself

In many Christian ministry circles, people believe that in order to serve God, we have to sacrifice ourselves and “burn out or rust out.” Elizabeth Peterson shares her journey of learning good self care and five core truths she has learned in the process.

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Why the Problem of Faith is the Problem of Reason

  [button font_size=”25″ color=”#c69225″ text_color=”#ffffff” url=”″ width=”400″ target=”_blank”]Listen to today’s Daily Text[/button] February 22, 2016 Matthew 1:18 18 This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to

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