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Day: April 5, 2016

Creating a Mentoring Environment for Your Worship Team

The church is once again beginning to understand how vital discipleship really is. Could your band be a…band? Your worship team can certainly be a ready-made mentoring and discipleship group! Elizabeth Rhyno shares four steps toward creating a mentoring environment for your worship team.

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$10 Prom

Every August we gather our high school small groups with a fall kick-off party. This year that party was a $10 prom. There was no entrance fee or ticket. Students simply had to show up and dress up. And their outfit could not exceed $10.

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How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus

The study of the Gospels in relation to oral history, eyewitness testimony, and social memory has experienced a tremendous surge in the past decade. Taylor Brown reviews a book that tells how the Early Church wrote the story of Jesus.

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When They Start Hearing It: Repetition and Preaching

Nobody likes sounding like a broken record. But, chances are, the things that are repeat to you are things your congregation is hearing for the first time. Tom Fuerst shares what he learned about repetition in his preaching and how God can use it to reach people.

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