We are sowing
for a great awakening.

Seedbed gathers, connects, and resources the people of God to encounter Jesus in their hearts, homes, churches, and cities.

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The Wake-Up Call is a daily encouragement to shake off the slumber of our busy lives and turn our eyes toward Jesus. Each morning our community gathers around a Scripture, a reflection, a prayer, and a few short questions, inviting us to reorient our lives around the love of Jesus who transforms our hearts, homes, churches, and cities.

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How does Awakening Happen?

Personal awakening starts when we’re no longer content to rest in salvation from sin and death, but moving with desperation to be restored to the image of God.

Communal awakening moves from our hearts into a resurgence of life and faith in our homes and radical hospitality and love towards our neighbors.

An awakened church is no longer going through the motions, but is focused on spreading the love of Christ throughout its people and its local community.

In the city we see a decrease in social toxicity, the healing of the sick and hurting, and the flourishing of every sector of society – the contagion of scriptural holiness in the land.

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Are you a Pastor?

At Seedbed, we’re all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We preach it, teach it, and sow it extravagantly on a macro level. You, on the other hand, are a pastor-up-close, so we appreciate the challenges your service and dedication brings—especially now. And we want you to know that we are in your corner.