The Transforming Power of Surrender
by Susan O. Kent

We want change,
but at what cost?

Altars have always represented change. They are the places where sacred space meets our surrender and leads into authentic spiritual transformation. From the beginning of time, God’s people have built altars to mark the places where God spoke, gave direction, or gave his blessing. It is the place where God’s people surrendered offerings to him in obedience.

In the New Testament, Jesus became that surrendered offering, but he also became the place—in his person—for those who were hurting, lost, and who longed to encounter God. In the midst of a world filled with chaos and disappointment, pain and death, there is a promise of restoration and transformation. However, it isn’t found at the end of our lives, but at the end of ourselves. It is found when we embrace surrender. This daily reader will awaken obedient hearts and minds to the transforming power of a surrendered life.

Altar'd Series Kit contents:

  • A softcover copy of Altar’d
  • Sermon planning outlines (PDF)
  • Small group study guide (PDF)
  • Lent Preaching and Worship planning workshop with Susan Kent and Dan Wilt hosted on Thursday, January 11th, 2023 from 9am-12pm CT.
  • Six weekly small group teaching sessions with Susan Kent (On-Demand video)
  • Artwork, Media Files, Promotional materials for congregational use
  • Discounted bulk book orders

What better time than the season of Lent to introduce us to embracing a life of surrender so we may draw nearer to God? This study enables us to do that through Scripture, remarkable lessons, prayers, and questions that are designed to maximize the Lenten experience.

–Bishop Robert E. “Bob” Hayes Jr.
Bishop Emeritus, the Global Methodist Church

Meet the Author: Susan O. KENT

Susan is an author and pastor from The Woodlands, Texas. Her passion is to equip others through discipleship resources and mentoring others in their walk with God. She has overseen worship and discipleship ministries and is now church-planting in north Houston. Before starting full-time vocational ministry, she was a teacher and a small business owner. Susan is married to Robert and they have four children.

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