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Author: Aaron Buttery

4 Ways to Utilize Instagram at your Next Event

Of all the social media options our students use, I like Instagram the best! Photos and comments are great, and so is the mass number of students who use it in my area (more than Twitter), but it’s public nature makes it my number one choice. Your student ministry can use Instagram to announce events, play games, or engage in a teaching.

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How to Fire a Volunteer

When it isn’t about me, when it is about what them, how do you ask a volunteer leader to step away? As hard as it is, firing volunteers who are not working with you will pay long-term dividends that far outweigh the difficulty of letting them go.

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Why Do We…

There are any number of actions I take as a youth leader assuming that my students will respond or at least understand why we are doing it. I have been very intentional in my ministry designs and decisions for many years, but realized that I had not communicated to my students my intentionality.

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