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Author: Andy Stoddard

Andy Stoddard ~ Why We Rejoice

One of the great blessings in life is to celebrate the ways that God works and moves. Sometimes, in our bid to stay humble, we can forget to give testimony to what God has done.

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Andy Stoddard ~ Know Thyself

James tells us, when you are lead into tempted, don’t say – God is tempting me. Know where your temptations come from. Within us. Our flesh. Our desires. Our stuff.

That’s why we have to know ourselves.

What tempts you? Where are you weak? Where are you easily knocked off course? Where does trouble come for you?

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Andy Stoddard ~ Don't Be Scared

But I do know this. In the midst of uncertainty and danger and fear, they chose not to give into the fear. They chose to do the right thing, even when they were afraid. They chose to trust that God had a plan, even in the midst of human brokenness.

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