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Author: Dale Hale

When Jesus Is on a Boat, but Asleep

What can we do when we feel like Jesus is in our boat, but is sleeping? Dale Hale offers comforting wisdom about those times when you feel like Jesus is there, but you’re still drowning in the storm.

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Will Apple Textbooks Advance Ministry-Related Education?

Competition.  That’s the name of the game.  From sports to business, competition is what produces good results and great products.  Apple Inc. just introduced a new resource that may be of interest to many people.  A few years ago, Amazon released an e-book reader named Kindle.  Most of us have heard about the Kindle and may even own one.  Kindle allows the reader to access the Amazon bookstore from multiple devices (computer, smartphone, Kindle), purchase and then download books, articles, documents and various other reading materials to the Kindle reader or its corresponding app. 

With the introduction of the Kindle, the e-reader market has flourished.  Many other e-readers have flooded into the market.  Each one has their own unique characteristics as well as many of the characteristics that seem to be the common denominator among them all, like highlighting text, note-taking and saving the notes to an accessible file.  Each of […]

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