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Author: Danny E. Morris

Danny E. Morris ~ How Do You Feel About God's Will?

God’s will is absolutely the best that can happen to us under any circumstance. Cooperating with God doesn’t produce hardship, but harmony. God’s will is not intended to cause problems but to produce power that cannot come to us outside of God’s will.

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Danny E. Morris ~ Spirit-Led Discernment: The Quaker Clearness Committee

Unhurriedly, lovingly, they ask deep and hard questions without evaluating, discussing, or critiquing the answers. Through prayer and their love for the person, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the committee helps them consider the issue in every possible way. Some of their questions will grow out of their times of prayer during the previous week; other questions will arise because of something a previous speaker asked.

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Danny Morris ~ Corporate Spiritual Discernment

“Our use of consensus would not be a litmus test, nor a safeguard, nor an effort to prove something. It would be a spiritual ingredient of our relationship. We would be committed to hear each other, learn from each other, and bring forth the best in each other. Consensus would not mean that the many would hold out, or gang up on a few until they abandoned their position, or came around to what a majority wanted to do. It meant that God’s will was so important to each person that nothing else mattered.”

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Danny Morris ~ How God Communicates

“To discern God’s will, two basic understandings must be fixed in one’s prayer life and personal theology: first, God is good! If you don’t hold that basic conviction, why would you want to know God’s will? Second, communication with God is possible.”

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