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Author: Donald Richmond

4 Holy Acts During Worship

Why does what we say and do in a worship service matter? Is it about more than just personal choice? In a previous post, Donald Richmond introduced four holy words of worship. Now, he discusses four holy actions of worship that inform our theology.

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4 Holy Words During Worship

In today’s article, Donald Richmond highlights 4 “words” that are central to the worship service: singing, reading, preaching, and praying. Read more to find out why church programs must be thoughtfully designed.

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Every Christian is a Mystic

In this time of intellectualism, mysticism has gained a bad reputation. But, what is it really? Donald Richmond shares how Christian mysticism is integral to the very life-breath of our faith.

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3 Points on Poetry and Spirituality

God is the master poet, and skillfully writes the story of our lives with an economy of words only He could dream into existence. Donald Richmond shares intriguing ways that we, God’s creation, are like poetry.

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