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Author: Emily Barlow

Why Scripture Matters in Song Lyrics

Do you have trouble memorizing Scripture? Ever thought of singing it? Emily Barlow shares why singing Scripture helps us memorize it, keeps our theology in check, and connects us to other Christ followers.

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Three Reasons to Plan Worship with a Team

Being intentional about planning worship is just the first step. In order to catch the vision for the things you can’t see, you need a team! Emily Barlow shares three ways a team can help you when planning worship.

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Traditions in Non-Traditional Worship

We all live with certain traditions and practices, none more openly than the church. These practices and traditions often change over time, but occasionally, there comes a time when all the things we practice must be evaluated. Emily Barlow shares how her church evaluated and changed traditions and practices to fit a new worship service.

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Changing the Rhythm of Communion

Every church has its own unique liturgy and rhythm. Emily Barlow shares wisdom about how changing the rhythm for a season can draw out the meaning that we may be missing out of habitual blindness.

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