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Author: Josh LeRoy

The Song of Creation

God will send his Chosen One to heal all that ails us. He will do so when He chooses, yet it is not for us to stand by passively.

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Spreading the Joy

Joy filled Jesus to the point of overflowing, and spilled onto everyone who came close to him—unless they were allergic.

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Death and Resurrection

From his first miracle, to the washing of his disciples feet, to the ultimate miracle of Easter, Jesus was letting himself be taken under in total trust that he would be brought back up.

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Maybe prophets are prophets, not because God exclusively speaks to them, but because they choose to listen to what God is, in fact, saying to everyone.

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Border Crossing

Jesus drew people like a magnet with an alarming disregard for the arbitrary boundaries that seem so sacred to the rest of us.

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The One of Peace

Jesus’ ethic of peace was not the result of a mere political orientation, but of a deep encounter with his Abba.

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