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Author: Matt LeRoy

The Singer

Yes, we sing to him from the overflow of our joy. But imagine a God so filled with love for his people that he sings to us from the overflow of his joy.

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Hope Is Always

When it seems as if there is no hope, we remember it is precisely the thing we do have. We light a wreath of candles as defiance against the darkness.

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Christmas, Come Down

We know you are working behind the scenes, directing the play. But we need you to step onto center stage and take the lead role.

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Let There Be Light

Wait and hope are the twin anthems of Advent. It’s interesting that in both Hebrew and Latin, the root word for “wait” can also be translated as “hope.”

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The Protagonist

If the creator made himself one of the characters, if he scripted himself into the play, then he could make himself known to the cast.

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