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Paul's instructions to the Corinthians on their use of spiritual gifts is surprising given their dysfunctional application of Spirit ministry.

What would our local communities look like if every officer of our government played by the same rules, and those rules were God’s rules?

God has promised to weave every thread of our life experience into the tapestry of his plan.

I find the nature of sacred space in the ancient world fascinating. In his classic work Ancient Israel: Its Life and Institutions, the exceptional...

Rather than pursuing the purpose for which he was created, Satan tried to divert Jesus to pursue pleasure for its own sake—and he does the same with us.

In times of uncertainty and doubt, where do we focus our gaze? Do we look to God?

The villagers received salvation because this woman had the courage to preach.

Preparing for the return of Christ involves sharing the gospel and helping those in need.

We must recognize that nothing we have is our own. It belongs to God and should be used in accordance with God’s will.

Sometimes faith takes a long time to prove true. This is often the case with many faith examples in the Bible.

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