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Children and the Need to Struggle

We want so badly to give our children a carefree life. But, what if we are doing them a disservice? Kathy Milans shares why children need struggles in order to grow in life and what we can do to help them through it all.

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Discipline and the Dignity of Children

Many classrooms use clip systems to provide a disciplinary structure for children. But, what is it doing to the students’ emotional and mental health? Kathy Milans shares about the destructive tendency of shaming to the dignity of our children.

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5 Ways to Cure the Homework Headache!

Homework can be a real source of frustration and contention in any home, leading to a battle zone between teachers, parents and children. Kathy Milans shares 5 ways that we can work toward a cure for the homework headache in our homes.

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7 Priceless Back to School Gifts for Teachers

A new school year is around the corner. Traditionally, children and their parents give teachers gifts for Christmas or teacher appreciation day. But, Kathy Milans suggests a radical new approach to gift giving. Why not start the year off with the best gifts of all, not only for our children’s teachers, but for our children as well?

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Caring for College Aged Souls

Going to college can be one of the toughest transitions people will ever go through in life. College ministries are on the front lines, being the hands and feet of Christ for students and caring for their souls. Patricia Taylor shares her experience serving on a weekend mission at the Wesley Foundation on the University of Kentucky campus.

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