Effective Evangelism Results in Spiritual Warfare

Effective Evangelism Results in Spiritual Warfare

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There is only one kind of violence that captures the Kingdom of Heaven. . . . the seeming violence of grace, which . . . sets order in the house of the soul. (Thomas Merton)

In this day of salvation, we have all been born into a perpetual spiritual conflict. The servants of Christ are called to rescue the perishing from the strongman’s house, and the strongman will assuredly attack back. This is the second session of a video resource by Verlon Fosner and Jon Davis titled A Trowel and a Sword: Prayer Practices for Those on the Frontlines of the Gospel.

Perfect for:

  • Evangelism training
  • Churches engaged in mission
  • Small groups focused on neighborhood
  • Church planting groups

In these pages you’ll:

  • Learn why bold mission must be paired with equally bold prayers
  • Be encouraged to engage in mission for homes, neighborhoods, and cities
  • See yourself as an empowered ambassador for God’s kingdom

On the front lines of the gospel, Christians are in the business of kicking in the front door of the strongman and plundering his house—removing people he has worked hard to oppress. Accordingly, prayer must take on a declarative, bold, and authoritative tone. To show up on the front lines of the gospel without this form of prayer is the equivalent of bringing the proverbial knife to a gunfight. This conflict becomes more acute as a church becomes more effective at reaching lost people. Learn more about the kind of prayers that take spiritual warfare seriously with this book now—get your copy of this book and the complete video series from our store here.