Gold leaves of autumn
New buds in spring
Summer’s warm magic
Winter’s cold ring—

Coming and going
Time’s rise and fall
Years building ages
Time touching all—

So our lives mingle
So our lives blend
So our lives struggle
So our lives end.

High above meaning
Wider than mind
Deeper than sorrow
Kinder than kind

God stands before us
Wonder in one
Loving with passion
Sending his Son—

Power in weakness
Heaven in hay
God’s incarnation
With us this day.

Howard A. Snyder


International Representative, Manchester Wesley Research Centre in Manchester, England. Formerly professor of the history and theology of mission, Asbury Theological Seminary (1996-2006); Professor of Wesley Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, 2007-2012. Has taught and pastored in São Paulo, Brazil; Detroit, Michigan; and Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Snyder's main interest is in the power and relevance of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom for the world today and tomorrow. Works include The Problem of Wineskins, Community of the King, and most recently, Jesus and Pocahontas: Gospel, Mission, and National Myth.