Follow The Healer

by Stephen Seamands

Engage with a holistic and accessible introduction to the “why” behind the “how-to” of healing ministry.

In Follow the Healer: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Healing Ministry, author Stephen Seamands draws upon four decades of teaching theology and active involvement in ministry to help us understand the fundamentals of divine healing—a core dimension to Jesus’s earthly and heavenly ministries. Seamands’s writing and presentation style in the videos make this often neglected teaching accessible to all people, inviting everyone to participate.

Follow the Healer Church Kit

Church Kit Includes

  • A softcover copy of Follow the Healer
  • Sermon planning outlines (PDF)
  • Small group discussion guide (PDF)
  • Slide graphics
  • A 30-day participant journal (booklet)
  • Four weekly small group teaching sessions with Stephen Seamands (On-Demand video)

Meet the Author

Stephen Seamands (Ph.D., Drew University) is emeritus professor of Christian doctrine at  Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He continues to speak and teach on  issues of emotional healing and spiritual renewal. He is the author of Wounds that HealMinistry in the Image of God, and The Unseen Real.


It’s unfortunate that most books on divine healing gravitate to one extreme or the other. Some argue that believers are entitled to complete healing in the present age, while others are so skeptical of claims to healing that they virtually deny that any occur. This excellent and insightful book by Stephen Seamands is a much-needed corrective to both extremes. It is thoroughly biblical, pastorally sensitive, and does an excellent job of tethering the healing ministry of Jesus to the kingdom of God and the already/not yet of life in the present age.

When Steve Seamands talks about healing, he is speaking from decades of Spirit-led reflection, academic rigor, hands-on practice, and convincing proof that Jesus is still in the healing business. That’s why I knew, as soon as I opened the table of contents, that this book would benefit not only me but my whole congregation. I want everyone to use this book to build a vital healing ministry rooted in the love of God. What a gift to the body of Christ.

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