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Holy Spirit that is rooted in Scripture and the promising beauty of the historic Christian faith.

The Holy Spirit: An Introduction

This resource drives home our high privilege of having the Holy Spirit restore the image of God in individuals by uniting us to Jesus. It will serve as an indispensable resource for leaders, students, and anyone desiring to deepen their understanding of the Holy Spirit.

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Holiness, the Holy Spirit, and the Glory of God

In this video, Dr. Ayars reminds us that the top priority of the holiness of God in Scripture is why holiness is the most appropriate starting point for a study of the Holy Spirit. Just like Moses, if we want to take a step closer to knowing God—and in this case, God the Holy Spirit—we must first come to grips with his holiness.

Session One

The Bible as the Primary Source

In this video, Dr. Ayars sets up the biblical teaching about the Holy Spirit by first covering historic Christian convictions about the Bible. He covers the classical Christian doctrine of bibliology, which is the Christian teaching and understanding of the Bible as the Word of God.

Session Two

Church Tradition and Doctrine

In this video, Dr. Ayars explains that while the Bible is the final authority on divine revelation, we also look to tradition for assistance in understanding the Holy Spirit as revealed in Scripture. The reliability and authority of tradition is based on the need for Holy Spirit–inspired interpretation of the Bible within the worshipping community.

Session Three

The Holy Spirit within the Trinity

In this video, Dr. Ayars explains how it can be that the oneness of God can be preserved while acknowledging the person of the Holy Spirit within the life of the Trinity. He summarizes the classical Christiain doctrine by demonstrating that within the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who eternally proceeds from the Father through the Son.

Session Four

The Holy Spirit Is God

In this video, Dr. Ayars explains the logic behind that the Bible’s teaching that the Holy Spirit is divine. It reveals divine attributes of the Holy Spirit (i.e., all-powerful, all-knowing, not restricted by time and space), the divine titles of the Holy Spirit, and that in order to be the divine Presence, he must be God.

Session Five

The Holy Spirit Is a Person

In this video, Dr. Ayars establishes that the Bible reveals that the Holy Spirit is a person, not an impersonal force. We saw that the Holy Spirit has the attributes of a person (i.e., emotions, will, and intelligence) and that for the Holy Spirit to be a substitute for Jesus, he must be a person.

Session Six

The Holy Spirit and Salvation

In this video, Dr. Ayars describes the activity of the Holy Spirit as applying the saving work of Jesus in our lives by transforming us into Christ’s very image. He does this by getting us back into God’s life-giving Presence.

Session Seven

The Holy Spirit and the Church

In this video, Dr. Ayars explores the work of the Holy Spirit within the collective body of believers. We will see that the Holy Spirit works for believers and in believers and works through the collective body of Christ for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Jesus makes that possible, and the Holy Spirit carries it out through personal indwelling.

Session Eight

The Holy Spirit and End Times

In this video, Dr. Ayars teaches how Pentecost marked the beginning of the end. When Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit on his followers, he launched the new age of the Spirit in which Christians can live free from the guilt and power of sin. Sanctified believers are the mark of those who will be saved from the final judgment.

Session Nine

The Holy Spirit and the Holy Life

In this video, Dr. Ayars wraps up the study by explaining how the holy life is not simply a one-and-done deal that is complete with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Baptism of the Holy Spirit launches us into a life of hunger and devotion for God, as well as holy desires. The Holy Spirit empowers us to obey Jesus’s command to love our neighbors through action. Being filled with love leads to works driven by love and compassion.


Holiness, the Holy Spirit, and the Glory of God

In this video conclusion, Dr. Ayars explains the dire picture of what happens when we imagine our world or the Christian walk without the Holy Spirit. He offers hope and optimism for what the personal Presence of God can do in our world when welcomed in.

About the Author

Matt Ayars (PhD) is President of Wesley Biblical Seminary in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Prior to this post, Matt and his family were career missionaries in Haiti. Matt is the author of numerous books and articles on the topics of the Psalms, Hebrew poetry, Wesleyan theology, and holiness.

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