How Scripture is like a Software Agreement, until it’s not

March 24, 2014

Psalm 5

Give ear unto my words, O Lord, my meditation weigh.
Hear my loud cry, my King, my God; for unto You I pray.

Lord, in the morning, You will hear the voice which I direct;
To You I bring my prayers and wait; an answer I’ll expect.

For You are not a God that does in wickedness delight;
And evil cannot dwell with You, nor proud stand in Your sight.

You hate all those who evil do, destroy those who tell lies.
Bloodthirsty and deceitful men, the Lord God does despise.

But I into Your house will come, by mercy and by grace;
In rev’rence will I worship and bow toward Thy holy place.

Lord, lead me in Your righteousness, because of enemies;
And make Your way before me straight, for my heart to You flees.

For in their mouth there is no truth; their heart with death is filled.
Their throat’s an open grave, their tongue deceit does speak and build.

Declare them guilty, God, let them by their intrigue be quelled;
And banish them with all their sins, for ‘gainst You they rebelled.

But let all those who trust in You with joy lift up their voice;
Protect all those who love Your Name; may they in You rejoice.

For, Lord, unto the righteous ones, You will Your blessing yield:
With favor You surround them all about as with a shield.


One of the unwitting ways I have tended to approach the Psalms (and the whole Bible for that matter) is the same way I approach software agreements. I click the little box following the word, ACCEPT. I read through a Psalm like the one from today and I ACCEPT it and move on. I assent to its truth and move on.

The problem with this? Scripture is not asking for our acceptance. It is not requesting we assent to its truth. Scripture, the Word of God, requires our embodied engagement. The Word of God is always looking to land itself in human flesh, not just in the ephemerality of one’s passing thoughts. Reading it aloud is a step in the right direction.

Ever try singing a software agreement? It just doesn’t work that way.  CLICK HERE.

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