Jonathan’s Unexpected Healing of the Holy Spirit

Jonathan’s Unexpected Healing of the Holy Spirit

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Jonathan, a pastor from McDonough, GA, experienced healing he wasn’t expecting.

One night at New Room in 2017, the speaker highlighted the freedom that can be found in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He then invited people to experience the healing power of the Spirit.

“Is there someone here having kidney issues, who needs healing?”

This directed Jonathan’s attention to his side and lower back. Persistent kidney pain had resurfaced after an extensive procedure a year earlier. But he was apprehensive to call attention to himself. Maybe someone else will stand up, he thought—this prayer was meant for them.

But God wouldn’t let the story end there. Jonathan stepped forward in obedience and asked boldly to be healed of his ailment. They laid hands on him and prayed for the Spirit to move in the powerful way He does.

He felt different in the moment, unsure about what had happened. Jonathan wasn’t sure if he had been healed, but he knew that God wanted him to step out in obedience. And that God had made a change in him.

Jonathan has not felt kidney pain since that day. Praise God!

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