John Wesley once famously said, “Is thine heart right, as my heart is right with thine heart? If it be, give me thine hand.”

That’s what we at Seedbed want to say to you in a slightly less King James way. If your heart is as our heart, give us your hand.

So what’s our heart?

Our heart is to sow the whole Gospel. It’s the truth that God doesn’t just save people from the penalty of sin. This is only the beginning. God saves people from the power of sin, from the depths of depression, from the abyss of addiction, from self absorption and all the seductions of self deception. The whole Gospel is the unlimited power of God to make all things new.

Our heart is to unite thousands of fresh voices, young and old, women and men who will extravagantly sow the whole Gospel. It’s perhaps a slight variation on his original theme, but we think that’s what Holy Spirit was up to when Charles Wesley penned our number one chart topping hymn: “O, for a thousand tongues to sing thy great redeemers praise; the glories of thy God and King the triumphs of his grace.”

Our heart is to re-source the Global Christian Movement—not a particular church or denomination or institution—we are part of the global tribe of the Wesleyan Tradition: Followers of Jesus who aspire to extravagantly sow the whole Gospel; who long to be and to see a rising up of real Christians distinguished by holy love alone.

How? We’re gathering people, convening conversations, curating content, publishing articles, books, bible studies, discipleship curriculums, video resources, podcasts and we may even turn out a record or two before its all said and done. After all, how could anything be Wesleyan without a sound track?

Why Wesleyan? Because we have come to believe this tried and true way of discipleship is the most comprehensive scriptural vision and the most extravagant transformational expression of the Gospel in the history of the Church so far.  A lot more on that to come.

What for? We are not in this for a passing revival. We are convinced that only the seeds of the whole Gospel hold the harvest of a sustained great awakening. Only the seeds of the whole Gospel possess the potential for a Renaissance of Scriptural Holiness to sweep across the continents.

That’s our heart. So we ask you—

Is your heart as our heart? If so, please give us your hand.

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