10 Tips from the Advent and Christmas Series

Credit: karandaev / Thinkstock
  1. When telling stories, get to people’s emotions through their bodies. Let the church experience the pain of contractions, the tightness of shoulders, the soreness of muscles and bones after days of travel…
  2. Reach out to those living with mental illness with Blue Christmas services or Longest Night services.
  3. Craft Incarnational worship and outreach by taking services and events to local restaurants, fire halls, mall centers, nursing homes, and hospital community rooms.
  4. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Eat mindfully. Consider this daily reader for Advent preparation.
  5. Plan for a few stop days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
  6. What pop culture songs are currently playing that can be given Advent meaning and hope?
  7. The Wesleyan Church has produced sermons, readings, and lessons for adults, youth, and children. FREE.
  8. Let the Holy Spirit open your mind to the disempowered who are present in your community who can be empowered.
  9. Do progressive decoration of Christmas through Advent to symbolize waiting and preparation.
  10. Try the Family Advent Candle in your worship gathering.

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