12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 2/21/16

12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 2/21/16

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Preaching Collective

The First Five Minutes of a Sermon

What did you do for the first five minutes of your sermon? Do you remember? Does your congregation remember? You may be surprised to find how crucial those first five minutes really are. Jeremy Smith offers 5 things you can do and five things you shouldn’t do in order to make those the most impactful 5 minutes of all.

15 Minutes a Day: Five Lenten Practices for Preachers

So often, the pastor is making sure the members of their congregation are getting their spiritual needs met, while their own go neglected. Leanne Hadley offers five 15 minute Lenten practices that can help preachers feed their souls, too.

Redemption: A Sermon Series for Lent

How can we make Lent more than just a series of movements, traditions that are empty of meaning, for our congregations? Chris Howlett offers a sermon series for Lent that instills the deeper meaning of this season in our church calendar.

Worship Design Collective

Lent Playlist: Listening for God

Do you anticipate hearing from God this Lent? Sometimes God speaks through the words we choose to surround ourselves with. Kory Pence discusses a different perspective on worship through music during Lent, and offers a playlist to get you started!

Singing the Psalms, Part 1: Why Sing Psalms?

Why does it matter whether we sing the Psalms or just say them? Patrick Bourckel is here to teach us why it matters.

5 First Steps for Worship Planning as a Team

You’re ready to take worship up a notch and begin to be more intentional about planning it out. You’ve developed a team. Now what? Emily Barlow shares 5 first steps for worship planning as a team.

Youth Ministry Collective

Leaving Your Church (Episode 59)

We would all like to stay at our church forever, but the reality is that change is inevitable. Find out how to make the transition smooth.

Three Simple and Powerful Ideas to Begin Engaging with Families

Most of us understand the importance of engaging with families, but figuring out how to implement a program can be difficult. Aaron Buttery offers three solid steps toward engaging the families in your congregation in healthy ways.

Don’t Kick the Bucket

Every time our patience is tested, we have a choice. We can either choose to engage this bucket of fruit the Spirit provides in our lives, or we can kick the bucket over in a rage. Betsy Marvin encourages us to not kick the bucket!

Church Planter Collective

When Should Your Church Campus Become a Church?

The model of church growth through multiple campuses has exploded in the past few years. But how do you know when a campus is ready to become a church of its own? Read today’s article by pastor Matt Lipan for helpful ways to determine this.

3 Pros and Cons of Bivocational Church Planting

The apostle Paul was a bi-vocational church planter, so shouldn’t everyone else interested in church planting today, also? In today’s article, Rosario Picardo shares 3 pros and cons of this approach, with the hope that this helps us reflect on how mainline denominations in the United States can produce thriving, healthy churches once again.

How God Providentially Used Anthony Bordain to Set Up a Church Planting Conference

Coincidence? I think not! Dan Slagle tells us about a set of seemingly chance encounters God used to bring about an amazing opportunity for a church planting training conference that was desperately needed in India.


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