12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 3/12/16

12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 3/12/16

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Soul Care Collective

Contemplation and Creativity

Christians have long used creative works in order to connect to God and nourish their souls through contemplation. Those images and works do not always require any overt religious features in order to help us enter into the thin places where our souls flourish.

Children and the Need to Struggle

We want so badly to give our children a carefree life. But, what if we are doing them a disservice? Kathy Milans shares why children need struggles in order to grow in life and what we can do to help them through it all.

How to Handle the Mean Kid on the Playground

Do you remember that mean kid who bullied you in school? Sometimes it seems like we have those people in our lives as adults. Heather Butler shares four thoughts to help you handle the mean kid on the playground of life.

Worship Design Collective

Timing: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

In everyday life, timing can make all the difference in the world. The same is true for worship leading. Mark Benjamin offers wisdom on making sure you keep time consistently during worship

How to Lead People Older (or More Musically Talented) Than You in Worship

Is leading worship intimidating for you because you serve a congregation with people who are older than you or more musically talented than you? Rob Still has practical advice for successfully leading these groups with confidence.

The Conversation of Worship

Why do we need more worship after the sermon? Emily Vermilya shares what is missing when we have an abrupt stop and dismissal after the preaching is over.

Youth Ministry Collective

Build-a-Wookie Hilarious Team Game

Youth Ministry Collective is back with a hilarious game that all your Star Wars fans will enjoy! Jeremy Steele presents the newest game, Build-a-Wookie!

Review: Right Click – Parenting Teens in a Digital World

Do you want to understand more about how your teen engages technology and social media? Mike Rollins shares how Right Click is a helpful tool in parenting teens in a digital world.

Making Parents Leaders in Youth Ministry (Episode 62)

Listen as Aaron Buttery and Eddie Erwin answer questions during New Room Houston. This week, hear their take on how to grow parents into leaders in your youth ministry!

Preaching Collective

The Case for Holy Saturday

Bob Kaylor shares that Holy Saturday is a day for us to remember those who have died, recognizing the pain of death that separates us. But we do so, always, with an eye toward Sunday and the promise of life!

How I’d Preach It – Luke 24:1-12

In this new occasional feature on the Preaching Collective, we’ll ask some of our contributors about the approach they would take in preaching from a particular passage of Scripture. This month we look at the Easter account from Luke 24:1-12.

Preaching After Easter

You’ve gotten to the other side of Easter. Now what?! Who has the energy left to figure out a great sermon topic? Chris Howlett is ready to help with a slew of ideas you didn’t have to dream up!



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