12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 4/02/16

12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 4/02/16

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CEB Student Bible: A New Take on an Old Idea
Are you trying to decide what Bible to buy for your teen? There are so many translations to choose from, not to mention all the features of various study Bibles and thematic presentations! Who can choose from so many? Fear not! Eddie Erwin reviews the CEB Student Bible.

Role Models and Knowing Jesus: A Free Lesson in First John
Who do you look up to as a role model? What does that have to do with knowing Jesus? Scott Meier offers another free youth group lesson on 1 John.

The Weekly Breather: Slowly Awaken
Sometimes a change in seasons happens so slowly that we don’t even notice it unless we are intentionally focused. We offer this weekly breather as a way to focus in and pay attention to the ways God is bringing forth a slow awakening to life in you.

How God Called an Ordinary Family to become a Missionary Family
For most Christians, missionaries seem exotic and mysterious. What do they do, really? Hollie Wells invites us into her ordinary family’s story of how God called them to be a missionary family to the Roma people in Bulgaria.

Thanks be to God for a Half Bottle of Lukewarm Water
If you are reading this post, chances are, you have never had to worry about whether you would have enough water to drink. Cyndi Downing shares about her trip to Thailand, where she encountered a man they called “Grandfather” and his gratitude in the midst of unimaginable poverty.

What is Your Return on Investment in Worship Planning?
No matter what we are doing, we only have a set amount of resources to spend. Kristen Pence explains how crucial analyzing your return on investment can be when determining how you will spend time, energy, and other assets in worship planning.

Soundtrack for Eastertide
The Easter season (Eastertide) lasts for fifty days. We still have forty-six more days to go. There are still scars to be touched, fish to be caught, breakfast to be eaten, and an ascension to behold. Two of our contributors share their Eastertide soundtracks. We hope you’ll enjoy these songs during the journey!

Where Did I Put My Keys? Saving and Filing Material for Future Sermons
Are you missing out on using all those brilliant sermon illustration ideas and planning notes because you don’t have a good system for filing them? Adam Kline shares some brilliant tips on creating the perfect manageable and usable system for filing sermon materials and ideas.

Preaching to the Almost Churchless
You saw what worship could be like on Easter Sunday. It would be nice if it could be more like that every other Sunday. Preaching Collective offers some tips for how to get started in that direction.

Why Happiness Is The Truth
Human flourishing consists in the restored relational capacity of a person to receive the generosity of God through the giving of others and to give to others through the generosity of God—precisely in that order.

The Problem with Righteousness Beyond Religious-ness
To be righteous is to become ever increasingly like Jesus. To be righteous means to become a powerful person in the way the image bearers of God were meant to be powerful.

Stop Trying to Be Pure Hearted. There’s a Better Way
Purity of heart. It’s a kind of perfection that does not come from striving for it. It doesn’t come from trying harder to not sin. Purity of heart comes from a deep inner longing to see God.


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