12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 4/09/16

12 Collective Posts You Missed Last Week 4/09/16

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Ministry in the Midst of Doubt
So often, ministry is a struggle in the midst of doubts. Not only do those doubts make us question whether we are hearing God rightly, but we also bear the guilty feelings of shame for doubting. Branden Peterson shares that God is not made angry by our doubts, but is faithful to encourage and affirm us, even in the midst of doubt.

Creating a Mentoring Environment for Your Worship Team
The church is once again beginning to understand how vital discipleship really is. Could your band be a…band? Your worship team can certainly be a ready-made mentoring and discipleship group! Elizabeth Rhyno shares four steps toward creating a mentoring environment for your worship team.

The Three-Mile-Per-Hour God
Jesus redeemed the entire world at three miles per hour. We never see Jesus running anywhere. There are hurting people all around us, and we have to slow down enough to feel their pain and suffering and be the voice or touch of Jesus into their lives.

Transform the Hard Topics with Q and A Teaching
They have questions. Are you brave enough to try and answer them? Adam Jones shares one of those pivotal moments in ministry when he decided to let his youth group ask questions…and how God used that time in a mighty way.

$10 Prom
Every August we gather our high school small groups with a fall kick-off party. This year that party was a $10 prom. There was no entrance fee or ticket. Students simply had to show up and dress up. And their outfit could not exceed $10.

When Youth-Aged Leaders Fall (Episode 63)
Dealing with the fallout that may occur when one of the youth-aged leaders in your ministry messes up in a big way. Click here to subscribe via iTunes.

Icons: Sacred Art as a Way of Telling God’s Story
On some of our more recent Weekly Breathers, we have been opening our hearts to contemplation and connection with God using art. Today, Winfield Bevins shares with us an ancient method he found that helps his soul connect with our Creator God: iconography.

Suicidal Thoughts: an Inside Look
Self-harm and suicidal tendencies are destructive forces that touch many lives. But, for the average person, it can be hard to understand, especially for the loved ones of those affected by such difficult problems. Patricia Taylor gives a rare inside look into the thoughts of someone who has struggled with self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

The Weekly Breather: Slowly Awaken
Sometimes a change in seasons happens so slowly that we don’t even notice it unless we are intentionally focused. We offer this weekly breather as a way to focus in and pay attention to the ways God is bringing forth a slow awakening to life in you.

Five Keys to “Less Notes” Preaching
Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to preach the Word of God without the need for a manuscript? Scary concept, right? For those who are a bit intimidated by “Note-Less” preaching, Chris Howlett shares Five Keys to “Less Notes” Preaching.

When They Start Hearing It: Repetition and Preaching
Nobody likes sounding like a broken record. But, chances are, the things that are repeat to you are things your congregation is hearing for the first time. Tom Fuerst shares what he learned about repetition in his preaching and how God can use it to reach people.

The Secret to True Greatness
To “be holy” in the true sense of the word means to belong exclusively to God. To “be love” in the true sense of the word means to belong extravagantly to others.


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