12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week

12 Seedbed Collectives Posts You May Have Missed This Week

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Worship Design Collective

1) Why Creative Language Matters (or, Why God Calls Artists)

I challenge you today to find hope in the common language of the liturgy, and in the common calling to creativity. Sometimes we are called to go. Sometimes we are called to stay. But I believe we are all called to speak with creative language. After all, in the beginning was the Word.

2) Why I Sit in the Congregation Before and After I Lead in Worship

We who lead in worship are not above, separate, or apart from the congregation in any way – we are within and an essential part of it. The more we engage with the service we are a part of, the more attuned we are to lead at our best.

3) The Anatomy of a Prayer: Using the Collect in Worship

There are many ways we can speak the language of prayer in our gathered worship. I believe that all of these methods of prayer in worship have value, but I’d like to highlight a specific form of prayer – the collect – as a model and method for how we can pray together.

Youth Ministry Collective

1) Four Strategies to Budget for Youth Ministry

For a lot of youth ministers, budgets can seem like one of those mundane tasks of ministry – at best, it’s something you have to do; at worst, it can seem overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating.

2) 7 Great Fall Kickoff Ideas (now with super heroes!)

It’s time to brainstorm ideas for how you will kickoff your fall programming. If you don’t have a ready-made brainstorming partner or just need some ideas to get things rolling, here are several ideas to get your planning off the ground.

3) My Why is Love

It’s August, it’s strategy time. It’s that time of year when we look forward, plan curriculum, events, and trips. What if we took the time to evaluate our why and adjust accordingly before we start ministry this year?

Soul Care Collective

1) CEU Opportunity: Mental Illness and Recovery

Recovery from hospitalizations due to mental illness is a difficult road to travel. Having a team and support system that consists of adequately trained people is a must. Asbury Theological Seminary and Asbury University are offering a training opportunity for students and clinicians. Read more about it here.

2) 6 Ways to Teach Children the Value of Honest Work

We all want children who will succeed in life, and part of their success hinges on their ability to value and perform hard work. How can we ensure that we are teaching children the value of honest work? Kathy Milans weighs in with sound advice.

3) Physical Health is Discipleship

What can we learn by physical health and exercise? Randy Hardman shares his thoughts on loving God with all our strength, and how that translated into wholeness for him.

Preaching Collective

1) Three Key Steps For Creating A Sermon Planning Retreat

Perhaps the most significant thing any preacher can do is to create a strategy for continually growing your own personal spiritual journey. The depth of your journey will determine the wisdom of your preaching.

2) “To Do or Not To Do?”: Four Ideas for Summer Children’s Sermons

With so many of our regular children gone during the summer, we might be tempted to eliminate the time for children all together. But before you do, consider these things.

3) Happy New School Year!

My “New Year” sermon series play off themes of fresh starts, new beginnings, or a plan to re-focus on what’s most important. This is a time to build momentum in the life of the church as we seek to spread the influence of the Kingdom of God in our communities.


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