12 Trinitarian Worship Songs Worth Singing

12 Trinitarian Worship Songs Worth Singing

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One of the distinctive doctrines of our faith is the belief that God is triune in nature. One God in Three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And while all orthodox Christians confess this, the church as a whole hasn’t built a huge catalogue of songs that celebrate this truth. However, the songs that do (and do it well) are usually sung for a long time. Hymns like “Holy Holy Holy” and “All Creatures of Our God and King” have become trademark Trinitarian songs of worship.

As the “Praise and Worship” movement began, songwriters began to try to capture afresh some of the core doctrines of the church in song. Songs like Donna Adkins’ “Glorify Thy Name” and Graham Kendrick’s “Shine Jesus Shine” are lyrically (and even structurally) trinitarian, and have become standards in the church. And today, as more and more songwriters’ music become available to the church today, a small and growing number of trinitarian songs are emerging that the church all over the world can sing. Here are some of my favorite trinitarian worship songs and why I believe they are worth singing:

1) How Great Is Our GodChris Tomlin, Ed Cash and Jesse Reeves

This one is not technically modern, but it is one of the only newer worship songs that is globally sung that mentions God in three persons. It is the grandfather of the newer Trinitarian worship songs, and your church will likely already know it when you lead it.

2) You Are So Good To MeBen Pasley, Don Chaffer and Robin Pasley

This is the other not-so-new worship song that keeps resurfacing in the church, largely due to Third Day’s rendition that still gets airplay on Christian radio. There are great verses for each of the persons of the Trinity, and, honestly, it makes me nostalgic for that first Enter The Worship Circle album.

3) Our God SavesBrenton Brown and Paul Baloche

This is a fantastic gathering song. Brown and Baloche write with the aim of gathering the church around the Triune God to worship, and it should be used to do just that.

4) This I Believe (The Creed)Ben Fielding and Matt Crocker

Tapping into the creedal heritage of the church, this song teaches the church to sing its theology (a very Wesleyan idea!), confessing our beliefs in both the nature and works of God together.

5) Remember Laura Story

This song centers around the eucharist and what it means to commune with God through the work of the Triune in salvation. I found this one recently, and am planning on using this as our church responds at the table each week.

6) Glorious The ThreeJeremiah Carlson

This is another song that is new to me, but the first time I heard it, I was blown away. The primary focus is to talk about the divine community, and what it means for us to commune (and be welcomed into community together) with and by God’s grace. A very unique and wonderful trinitarian song that would tie well into any discussion on community and communion.

7) Grace AloneDustin Kensrue

Thrice frontman and former Mars Hill worship leader Dustin Kensrue wrote a number of great worship songs on his solo project The Water and the Blood, and this song is one of a couple that mention the Godhead in three persons. This particular song uses its verses to explore the economy of the Godhead in saving us.

8) Praise The Father, Praise the SonChris Tomlin and Ed Cash

With verses that plunge into both the worship of God in heaven and the great descent of the Son to redeem us, Praise the Father captures the high praise of creation as it rises to the Triune God.

9) Who You AreHaley Johnson and Jenn Johnson

Every Bethel album that comes out has one or two tracks that really haunt me (in a good way); this is one of those songs. Each verse names the character of one of the persons of the Godhead, praising God for God’s revelation to us.

10) We BelieveMatthew Hooper, Richie Fike and Travis Ryan

Most people who listen to Christian radio will know this song, as the Newsboys’ rendition of We Believe was one of the breakout songs of 2014. It’s very creedal in the chorus, and a wonderful congregational confessional song.

11) Triune PraiseShai Linne

Unless you have someone in your congregation who raps well (and a congregation in which that would be well-received), this song may not be contextually useable. But it’s definitely worth sharing. A beautiful song of praise about God’s Triune nature.

12) Make Us One – Aaron Keyes, Bryan Brown, Evan Wickham, Michael Gungor

This is a great song either for a call to worship, an interlude, or the end of a program. It’s a prayer asking God to make us one, and is based on the unity of the Father, Son, and Spirit. That’s great practical, lyrical theology.

When your church sings of the Triune God, which songs do you sing? What would you add to the list? Let me know; I’m always looking to grow our vocabulary in worship.

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16 Responses

  1. Drew! Thank you for giving us this list (and slyly defending, at least a little, this music :)). Definitely going to be checking out “Make us One.”

    Hey, I am wondering, since I just read a bunch of your other posts, have you listened to The Brilliance. If not, you are missing out. Gungor’s more liturgical brother, David Gungor. Lots of strings and piano, but purposefully accessible for the church and usually the albums coordinate with lectionary.

    Here is just a peak at the goodness:

  2. Drew, do you think Trinitarian language must be expressed through every song/hymn, or can it be expressed through a combination of songs/hymns?

    1. In the larger picture of worship design, I would say that speaking/singing of the Trinity is the larger concern. It could be done lots of ways, and that could even be a combination of songs. However, the key is moving past implying the Triune and actually naming God this way.

  3. I find “Build Your Kingdom Here” by Rend Collective to be filled with Trinitarian expression. Not only does it encompass the three persons and the unity shared, it also asks us to be invited into the work.

  4. Drew–thanks for this list. I’d also love to see a post sometime on more current songs that express a wesleyan theology of salvation/the cross: fuller than just sin forgiven or wrath of God satisfied. Thinking about this specifically now around good friday & Easter.

  5. HI Drew,

    Late to the discussion here but we have a new trinitarian benediction hymn based on 2 Cor 13:14 “The Grace” There aren’t many songs for singing this although millions of people say it together every Sunday so I hope you find it useful.
    It’s proving popular on CCLI, and gets a thumbs up from

    Kind regards,

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