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Day: April 21, 2014

Ellsworth Kalas ~ Singing As If It Were Easter

There’s no question but that the first line ought to be the first line – “Christ the Lord is risen today” – because all else follows from that premise. If you accept that fact (and God have mercy on you if you don’t), it’s easy to “raise your joys and triumphs high,” and to know as you do so that the “heavens and earth reply.”

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Glorified Baby-Sitting: Getting Beyond Youth Ministry Games

As a youth minister, I love games and as a youth group we play a lot of them. I think games are good. I think having fun is an important element in youth groups and in churches. However, our goals as youth ministers must go beyond fun and games as well. One way we can do this by keeping in mind the “big-picture” themes of youth ministry.

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