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Day: June 9, 2014

Rock Campus Ministry with Fan Club

Our whole city knows how much our youth ministry cares about its kids because of this simple idea! There are few things worse than having to go watch a middle school girl’s basketball game by

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Book Review: Building the Old Time Religion by Priscilla Pope

Brian LePort offers a book review of “Building the Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive Era,” a work for anyone interested in gender studies as well as the development of Christianity in the United States. This is truly a “history from below” telling the story of those that would be forgotten if society’s sexist inclinations were to be embraced.

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Matt Sigler ~ Catechesis, Worship, and the Hymnal

If contemporary Methodists are serious about robust catechesis, we must broaden our concept of the term. We must understand that baptism is a moment that shapes our entire life—a journey in holiness. We must break free from an approach to catechesis that is merely didactic and understand that the process of catechesis is anchored in the worshipping community. And we need look no further than our own tradition for what is, perhaps, the preeminent Wesleyan catechetical resource: the Wesleyan hymns.

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