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Day: June 25, 2014

Andrew C. Thompson ~ Making Disciples in the Wesleyan Way

Discipleship is not about techniques and gimmicks. It doesn’t happen HotPocket-quick. It is about being formed in a way of life over the course of time, and with a deep immersion into the practices of the Christian faith. We’ll find transformation in that process, too, and it will reveal within us something we’d never dream of otherwise.

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How We Get Paul's Theology Wrong

Ben Witherington maintains that behind Paul’s theologizing in Romans and other letters is not abstract ideas like God’s sovereignty, grace, nor even some order of salvation. Rather, it is stories—including that of Adam, Moses, and Jesus. This is what we might call Paul’s narrative thought world.

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Musical Condiment Twister

Twister can be awkward; however, all that awkwardness will disappear once you add some ketchup and relish! The idea is really simple, and a little messy. Okay, it’s a little simple and REALLY messy. Create

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