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Day: July 7, 2014

Michael Smith ~ Generosity

True generosity means extending yourself to a place of the unknown or even fearful. To do something that is so beyond your capacity and frame of reference puts you into the Realm of the King. This is Kingdom work, here folks. We get to see moments of God’s Kingdom here and now when this happens. All it takes is a few seconds of courage. Muster it up and be truly generous. Then, enjoy the ride.

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Obvious Child: Movie Review

Obvious Child, a movie about an aspiring comedian with an unwanted pregnancy, lays bare the logic behind abortion. Philip Tallon offers a review which picks up on the pro-abortion political perspective of the movie, while suggesting that there is at least a subtle awareness of the dark implications of this position.

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Silence and Solitude Retreat

What would happen if you took 36 hours to experiment with prayer practices and commune with God in silence? It was incredible. Not only did teens come away transformed, they were equipped with incredible tools to continue growing closer to God when they came home.

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