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Day: October 6, 2014

Tammie Grimm ~ Praying in Holy Boldness

“But prayer is not always natural. Prayer can be some of the hardest work a Christian can do. Because prayer does call us into a space in which we admit our complete helplessness to engineer our lives and petition the Triune God of the universe to intercede on our behalf, prayer can be a humbling act of submission we do not want to engage in – especially when we think we have the means to fulfill our potential by ourselves.”

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Why Youth Ministry Lost Its Soul (And how to Fix it)

Showing us where to take our ministry is not the role of mega-church pastor or a publishing company; it is the role of our theology. What we believe about God is absolutely central to how we do ministry. Jeremy Steele shares his experience as a youth pastor with the Wesleyan perspective.

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How to Use Instagram in Youth Group: “Instamoment”

There that moment (or moments) during any retreat, camp, or mission trip when a student “gets it”. In our Wesleyan heritage we might think of it as an “Aldersgate Moment”; that moment when we feel so close to God that all of it begins to make a little more sense.

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