How to Use Instagram in Youth Group: “Instamoment”

How to Use Instagram in Youth Group: “Instamoment”

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There that moment (or moments) during any retreat, camp, or mission trip when a student “gets it”.  In our Wesleyan heritage we might think of it as an “Aldersgate Moment”; that moment when we feel so close to God that all of it begins to make a little more sense. Even if those moments aren’t truly life-altering, but simply a spiritual high or moment of clarity, being able to name them and to recall them is so important in the spiritual development of any person.

Instamoments are those very moments where in an instant we are changed in some way.

Think Instagram when leading this closing activity for a retreat, camp, or mission trip.  Form your group (or small group) in a circle and explain to them that you will be going around the circle and asking each to share the image that is in their mind of the most significant moment of the event.  Maybe for a mission trip it is that moment when they connected with a child at a Vacation Bible School; during a retreat when they were on the ropes course and conquered their fear of heights; or during a camp when the call to come to the altar took place and nothing was going to hold them back.

“What picture of that moment is etched in their mind forever?” That is what should be shared.

Another piece you can add to this is to have them “hashtag” that moment.  It might be things like:


When I did this at the end of a recent mission trip, not only did it allow everyone to think back to that “moment” during a relatively tough mission when it all started to make sense, it served as a great way for me, as the leader of the mission trip, to see how God was at work in each person’s life.


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