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Day: November 25, 2014

4 Non-negotiable Traits of a Worship Leader

What are some of the non-negotiable traits of the worship leader? In this video interview, Marva Dawn shares about the importance of a worship leader’s community, devotional life, Trinitarian orientation, and rehearsal.

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How Fear and Comfort Impact Obedience

The median wage for workers in the U.S. is about $48,000. If most readers of this blog earn more than that, most of us earn more than 98% of the world’s population. From the perspective of the entire world, we are blessed. Yet, when we hear about trials elsewhere in the world, we trade our purpose for fear, and our compassion for comfort.

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How Scripture Serves Our Discipleship

Today we tend to think of Scripture for discipleship primarily in terms of individual Bible Study, but in the early church—which had no complete Bible—Scripture use was much more multivalent. Read more from Steve Bruns as he continues his series on discipleship.

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Walking Dead: Zombies and Justifying Grace

Outside all the Zombie talk we’re using to hopefully grab and hold attention of the kids, this week’s real topic is Justifying Grace. Today, some call God’s justifying grace “conversion” or being “born again.” When we experience God’s justifying grace, we come into that new life in Christ.

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